Searching for a piano teacher or voice teacher for your child is such an important process. The right teacher can nurture your child’s musical growth and set the foundation for a life-long love of making music. That’s what we do, but don’t take it from us. Below are a few experiences others shared with us.

The Little MusicMaker program is wonderful!  I have attended a class myself to see what goes on and the teachers are great with the children. They teach them about music in a way that they do not even realize they are learning.  Very much on the student’s level!!  Great job!

Director, Primrose School

We often talk about Little Musicmaker and what she’s doing in class each week. She tells us about the instruments and songs she has learned in class and sings them for us — especially in the bathtub! She makes up songs at home and friends have commented on her pitch. She has a mini electric piano and a drum set at home and plays them daily.  She and her dad enjoy performing together in their band.  I think your program is wonderful and I appreciate your dedication and the work you are doing to inspire my daughter and other children.

Mother of 3 year old student

I just wanted you to know that Randall talks about music all the time.  It is so great to hear him humming, drumming, and making music every chance he gets.  Thanks for all that you do to help us, help our child be successful.

Mother of 4 year old student

My son, Kyler, is enrolled in the Friday music class for 2 year olds at Primrose and absolutely loves it.

Mother of 2 year old student

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with my son!!  Since Peyton really loves to sing and play musical instruments, I want to encourage him and help him in any way I can.

Father of 4 year old student

Allison has learned a lot from you and she has great appreciation for music.  Hopefully, Allison will take what she has learned from you continue to improve with her piano lessons.  I want to thank you for your hard work.

Mother of 4 year old student

Hayden loves music and you are doing an excellent job a teaching him songs.  He is always singing old songs and new songs.  Thank you.

Grandmother of 4 year old student

The Little MusicMaker program has been one of the highlights of the girls’ week.  They love it!  Thanks for all that you do.

Mother of 4 and 6 year old student

We have been so pleased with how much Brian loves the Little MusicMaker program and how much he has learned.  We get frequent comments from friends and strangers on his musical ability, especially keeping a rhythm, and how smart he is for his age.

Mother of 3 year old student

I can really tell at home that my daughter is learning in music class.  She is more vocal through songs!!  She uses anything around the house to make “rhythm”.

Mother of 2 year old student